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This minor is the same with  Aladdin T1 32T dragonmints together or dual ANTMINER! Pensacola, FL, USA Small Business SellerAladdin T1 Double Cylinder 32T 3000W Antminer/DragonMint Bitmain ships from ASIC Mining Machine, but easy to get PSU, + 2 recommended 3HP 1200w PSU for power. The condition has been used.

The dragon mint t1 profitability GUI interface plugin is easy to use, and the IP address is 3200 + – 10% 220 Lineable Mine plugs into a 20A 110 outlet using 16-22 TH low power mode + 1 1800w-1900w demin card. HP power supply not included and power consumption stats less efficient at 110 max. 900W max. It will vary depending on the efficiency of your Aladdin l2 30th/s miner profitability power supply, the ambient operating temperature, and the power meter’s accuracy. AC/DC has an efficiency of 93% and an ambient temperature of 25 °C. The required Aladdin t1-32t/h power supply is not included. Each hash board has 3 PCIe power ports; All PCIe ports must be powered. CANAAN AVALON MINER 1246 (85TH) for online.


  • Power consumption: 2 x 1400 W
  • Frequency: Automatic
  • Hashing algorithm: SHA-256
  • Hash rate: 32 Th/s


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