ASIC Marketplace uses 7220 watts of 72nd power consumption of SHA-256 algorithm microbt whatsminer m31s+ (72th).

What is a What Miner?

Whatsminer m31s profitability is a Bitcoin mining hardware device based on ASIC. It allows you to start Bitcoin or Bitcoin mining in cash immediately and jump to the new digital gold fever. Buy microbt whatsminer m10s Sale Online.

What Do You Need to Undermine Bitcoin?

To start Bitcoin’s mining, the following are required:

  • Competitive mining computers (platforms)
  • Low-cost power supply.
  • Mining software.
  • Membership of the mining pool.

What Can You Do With What M31S Miner?

Launched in October 2020, the MINES MINS SHA-256 CryptoCurets device and, therefore, is used to undermine, MICROBT WHATSMINER M32S (52TH), mainly Bitcoin, cash from Bitcoin and Bitcoin BSV, given the high price for these coins, its hash rate and Profitability.

How Long Do ASIC Miners Last?

The average useful life of a well-maintained machine maintained can be from 3 to 5 years. However, if you retain ASICSES under challenging or stormy conditions, they can deteriorate in just a few months. On the contrary, taking good care of an ASIC miner can prolong its life for more than 5 years.


Manufacturer MicroBT
Model Whatsminer M31S+
Release April 2020
Size 130 x 220 x 390mm
Weight 12500g
Chip size 12nm
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 2
Power 3220W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature -5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


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