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Goldshell HS5 handshake, Blake2B-Sia minor Siacoin minor with a max hash rate of 5.4 Th/s and 2.7th/s (±5%) at 1500/2650 watts (±5%) power consumption. Minor is designed for robust, efficient and robust mining. The Goldshell HS5 Miner requires Blake 2B-Sear 5.4 m/s and Handshake 2.7 m/sec 1500/2650W. Goldshell siacoin handshake miner is a lucrative handshake, Blake2B-Sia Miner, boasts several times better hash rates and throughput than other competitors’ bitcoin profitability. It is characterized by low operating costs, handshake, high yields on Blake2B-Sia minor crypto mining algorithms. Its gold shell hs5 handshake & bitcoin miner gives you the best mining experience with unprecedented processing power. It will provide you with the best mining experience with unparalleled computing power. Goldshell Ck Box – Ckb Miner For Sale online.

Minor Accommodation:

We want to include an artificial fee of 5% on our farm. The plan has a lot of benefits that are strong, clean, maintenance for the customer, and you need to understand. Contact us for more information and details we will advise you to serve you.


Goldshell HS5 (5.4Th) of Black2B-SIA and Handshake algorithm with hashing power of 5.4Th/s at 2650W power consumption.

HNS Hashrate:2700GH/s(+-5%)

HNS Wall Power: 2650W(+-5%)
SC Hashrate:5400GH/s(+-5%)
SC Wall Power: 1500W(+-5%)

Manufacturer Goldshell
Model HS5
Release February 2021
Size 264 x 200 x 290mm
Weight 8500g
Noise level 80db
Fan(s) 4
Power 2650W
Voltage 176~264V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 35 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


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