Gold shell KD2 (6.4Th) of the Cadena algorithm has a hashing power of 6.4Th / s at 830W power consumption.

What is a Goldshell KD5?

The goldshell – kd2 kadena miner, also known as the KD5 Kadena miner, is used to mine the Kadena algorithm. It was released in March 2021 and featured a hash rate of 18Th/s and power consumption of 2250W. Buy Goldshell Ck Box – Ckb Miner For Sale.

Is Goldshell KD5 any good?

In short, the goldshell kd5 18th kadena miner has a significant hash rate and power efficiency. One downside is that it’s hard to buy, but the upside to this is that there won’t be a substantial increase in the computing power of the KDA network.

Is it worth mining cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin mining becomes more complex as more miners compete for the next block reward as time goes on. Today, Bitcoin mining as an individual is rarely profitable unless someone has access to additional low-cost electricity.

How is KDA Kadena extracted?

  • Get the proper hardware. ✅ Kadena can be mined efficiently with ASIC miners.
  • Get a wallet address. You’ll get a wallet address if you don’t already have one.
  • Set up your mining device.
  • Start mining today!

Can you build an ASIC miner?

The company that produces the miner ASIC will only sell boards, not the chip itself. The ETH proof-of-work algorithms were designed to make it almost impossible to build an ASIC miner for ETH. There is no ASIC ETH miner.


Manufacturer Goldshell
Model KD2
Also known as KD2 Kadena miner
Release March 2021
Size 200 x 264 x 290mm
Weight 7300g
Noise level 55db
Fan(s) 2
Power 830W
Voltage 176~264V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


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