BUY StrongU STU-U2 (7TH)


Eagleson Algorithm’s TODEK TODDMINER C1 PRO (3th) 2700W is with the hashing of 3rd / S.

Model Strongu stu-u2 profitability of the STRONG MINING ALGORITHM STRONG MINING BLAKE2B Miners with a maximum hash rate of 7º / S for energy consumption of 1600W.

1. This product contains the power supply, refined and ready to operate before leaving the factory.

2. This product is compatible with SF (default air transport), Debon Logistics, Debon Express, Aladdin L3 125T, Shunda Air Distribution, Fleugt A Payment. See the Logistics Services Provider for the Specific Cost. Buy Antminer u2 profitability Sale Online.

Strongu stu-u2 setup Kindly Reminder:

1. The mining produces a lot of heat during the operation. Make sure that the temperature is below 25 ℃, the air inlet and the air outlet of the machines should be blocked by nothing, and the heat should be drained from the house on time.

2. Clients must pay all costs of repairs and freight if the plate and power supply are burned due to overheating.

3. Please use the Google browser to log in to the Web.

4. please get in touch with our after-sales engineer or sales when your machines must be returned. Provide the SN code of the device, the fault error, the name of the express company, the tracking number. Otherwise, strongu stu-u2 (7th) package will be rejected!


Manufacturer StrongU
Model STU-U2
Also known as Miner U2
Release October 2018
Size 130 x 210 x 348mm
Weight 6500g
Noise level 76db
Cooling 12038 fan
Fan(s) 2
Power 1600W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Humidity  5 – 95 %


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